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Let’s get talking. The Chinese Classroom is a beginner’s course for Mandarin Chinese, compiled by Lexus and Yuhui Fu and published by Lexus in February 2007. Its focus and objective: speaking skills in modern Chinese. 17 structured lessons start with simple, everyday language and build up language competence step by step. The Chinese Classroom provides a solid introduction to speaking the world’s most spoken language.

The book comes with an MP3 CD and can be used both for classroom learning and for self-study.

160 pages
full colour, sewn paperback
ISBN 978-1-904737-11-7

Click on the links below to view some of the features

Simple dialogues relating to pictures to reinforce comprehension

Key words highlighted for ease of comprehension and retention of Chinese

Literal translations to help understand how Chinese works, in particular highlighting word order questions

Natural English translations

Language notes

Quick guide to pinyin on each righthand page (in addition to the fuller account in the introduction – and CD)

Text bubbles summarizing main structures

Exercises (with answers at the back of the book)

New words lists for each lesson

Vocabulary list of some 700 Chinese words introduced in The Chinese Classroom

English-Chinese vocabulary list of 800 words as used in The Chinese Classroom, featuring Chinese characters and measure words with a reference to the lessons where the vocabulary actually occurs


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Chinese Classroom 1

in the International House Journal

At last I have found a textbook for learners of Chinese that really works. The Chinese Classroom brings to Chinese learning the approach that ELT has had for decades!

Dede Wilson,
English Teaching Theatre, Cambridge ESOL CELTA trainer and assessor